1. Guaranteed a Qualified Approved Applicant within 60 days

We are so confident in our marketing program and the systems we’ve put in place to generate good tenants that we are willing to guarantee you a qualified tenant within 60 days or we start waiving fees. That’s what you call “putting your money where your mouth is.”

2. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee … Or Your Money Back

Customer satisfaction is our #1 concern. If you are not completely satisfied with any part of our service in the first 90 days of a newly leased property, you can terminate Sellect Realty with no penalty, and receive back 100% of management fees you paid on that tenant for that 90 day period. This is our way of letting you know that we are totally committed to your complete satisfaction.

3. Top Notch Marketing Includes Sharing Our Commission With Others.

Marketing your home on a variety of internet websites is the best way to get tenants through the door. When you market your home with Sellect Realty, we will list your home on over 50 websites. More importantly, we will list your home in Georgia’s premier multiple listing service (FMLS) and the Georgia MLS exposing your home to thousands of hungry real estate agents and their tenant prospects. Many of our competitors refuse to do this because it means they have to share their fees with outside agents. Our priority is to get the home rented, even if it means giving up a big chunk of the commission. As a result, your home gets rented quickly without costing you more. Today, over a third of our listings are rented by outside agents.

4. Dedicated 24/7 support

Sellect Realty understands that property management is not a regular 8-5 job. We hold regular office hours from 9-6 daily. If needed, we do provide an after hours number to our owners and tenants in case of emergency.

5. Management Fees 6% to 10% Depending on the Property

Sellect Realty offers a unique management fee structure based on the amount of rent collected. As the rent increases, your monthly fee percentage decreases. We strive to give you the best of both worlds: unbeatable rates and the experience of a well respected, proven leader in the Atlanta rental market.

6. Electronic Disbursements on the 12th of Each Month

Collecting rent when it’s due, and disbursing it to owners quickly, is one of our highest priorities. Through our “fast cash” system we disburse funds (and financial statements) to the owner electronically on the 10th of each month, regardless of the fees you pay. We’re in this for you and continue to find ways to help our owner/clients.

7. Performance Based Fees

Our philosophy is … we shouldn’t get paid until you do. Although our efforts increase substantially during a vacancy, eviction, or when rent is unpaid, we won’t charge a management fee until rent comes in. There’s more: if the tenant skips (or is evicted) during the first 12 months, we prorate back to you the unearned procurement fee (applied towards the cost of re-renting the property). If the tenant skips (or is evicted) after 12 months, we prorate back to you the unearned renewal fee (towards the cost of the next re-rent). You pay no management fee if the tenant doesn’t pay rent. You pay no management fee while the property is vacant. Conclusion: We don’t get paid until you get paid.

8. Online Record Keeping

Technology is key to ensuring accurate recordkeeping. Our Owners can log in to their account at any point in time to see if payments have posted, been disbursed, or to review any transaction with their account. Our tenants log in to the same software to see charges posted, pay their rent or request maintenance.

9. Three Programs to Choose From

Options, options and more options! We realize that no one service is right for everyone. Each of our clients has different and specific needs. Sellect Realty has three programs that are uniquely different with varying levels of service and price points. From our most popular option offering full leasing and management services to our cost effective advertising program for under $150, we have a gambit of solutions to help you.

10. Sellect Realty’s Style of Management Protects Owners

We saved the best and probably the most important reason for last. We have observed a disturbing shift in property manager styles over the past few years. This shift is troubling and property owners need to be sure they understand these issues before they choose a manager. The consequences of selecting the wrong manager style may be more costly than you expect. This is so important that we have dedicated an entire section of our website just to covering this topic.